Burned Alive

by Dixie Town

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released January 27, 2014


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Dixie Town Vigo, Spain

DIXIE TOWN presenta su nuevo trabajo SAME OLD STORY editado por Gaztelupeko Hotsak y producido por Hendrik Röver en Guitar Town Recordings en Agosto de 2015. Fecha de Lanzamiento 2 de Noviembre de 2015.

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Track Name: O Furacán
Early in the morning
I got something new
Please come back to me
I don’t have a cure
Struggling once again
I got depressed
Fighting for my mind
We’re getting nowhere
Stronger Than dirt
Filthy as me
Turn around
You got me sick
I got me drunk
You drove me crazy
I’ve been losing my mind
Stronger than dirt
Filthy as me
2nd part
I left behind too many white Christmas
You have to put me away from danger
I don’t want to become a stranger
I always end up being the clown of the group
Make a wish a blow out the candles
You know it is hard to handle
Turn it upside down
You can always clean up your soul
Just playing this swamp blues
Track Name: The Pills
Sometimes I wonder whether you’re fine
I went to the doctor; he told me all is on my mind
Sweating and breathing, my heart is about to crack.
But it’s too late to stop now.
Doctor, Doctor
You make me sick
Doctor, Doctor
Please give me, give me more pills
Doctor, Doctor
Champagne and wine
Doctor, Doctor
They really make me feel fine
Make me feel fine
My old engine could stop right now
Mud blood ruined my life somehow
They told me you’ve gained weight like a cow
But it’s too late to stop now
Chorus (2)
Track Name: The Place I Call Home
I go across this bridge to get what I need
I love you despite I disagree
It hurts me again it’s your football team
This kind of blue is for looser like me
Come to the town I need
Nowhere else can fit to me
Rolling down the street I need something to drink
Owner Fred will gave you what you need
Golden “Pilsner” flows so deep
Let’s have a blast I’ll get over this beer
Drunk old woman is cooking sea food me
No one else can feed me
White wine gets my mind free
Fairy lady let’s get away from here
Chorus (2)
Track Name: Doublecrossed
I hate you; I’m going to kill you
I’m fed up of your bureaucracy friends
I have no lord; I can do it on my own
Let me lead my life once again
I said my lady “you have to be yourself”
Those guys want you to be your slave
And every day you got to serve them
Politicians are fucking with priests
Let’s do a an orgy with the people you cheat
Filthy bankers are laughing at you
Don’t waste your time, make your mind free
Leave me alone, other world is sure
Working hard for the one I believe
Every day,
Working hard every day
Track Name: Crashing Down
Keep on running
Keep on running all the time
Just to keep on dreaming
Dream I'll get you day and night
Please don't keep me waiting
You know
I'd rather be blind
Keep on searching in the middle of the town
Bumping and Crashing Down
I'm running out gasoline
I can't run the whole dintance
I want to touch you
but keep in mind
I'm getting trouble, trouble, trouble
Track Name: Every Fathers' Son
Every father’s Son
Every Father’s son wants to hear from his father:
“Well done, I’m very proud of you
You’re good, I’m sure”
Every father’s son speaks aloud about his father,
Laughing and joking in the school
When everyday was new
When everything was new
1st bridge
Hold my hand dear old man
I want to whisper once again
Call me back this is your last chance
Hey, I wish I had grown up stronger
I truly say you taught me how to carry on much longer
Now I think, Please let me start this little chat cause I wonder
How you feel
Let me talk to you son, I want you to be better than I was twenty years ago
I wasn’t good at all
I want you to be brave and please don’t be lazy
If you become a hard working man
All my dreams come true
They will be here for good
2nd Bridge
Come back again you were far away,
Well, I’m becoming a good man.
You have to believe me, trust me again!
Track Name: Future Blues
I go back to Louisiana; I go back to New Orleans
I need some marihuana looking for a new dream
We’ll destroy all the music we know to set us free
I want you to push you away from here
I want you to leave me alone
I’ll get rid of you, Oh!
I need something new
I’m running out of my imagination
I’m going to write the future blues
I’d rather be blind than keeping on with you
I wish I were in London
I wish played the Electro Blues
But I can’t stand this feeling
Take me away from you
I can tell I’m not alone
Please walk this extra mile for me
What good does it do to call her too soon?
Please better get out from here!
The dirty music set us free
Track Name: 364 days
If I whisper in your ear
Trying to tell you sweet things
Everything I try to
Stay with you a night stand
Don’t make mess of this
Cause I can’t help these things
Trust me!
Brighter than the moon,
Stronger than a Heartbeat
I know I’m getting trouble
But hardly ever behave like this
Everything I want to
Be free one night a year
Don’t make mess of this
Cause I can’t help this things
Trust me!
Brighter than the moon,
Stronger than a Heartbeat
Everywhere, Everywhere I find you
Anywhere I’m looking for you
Sorrow, I can feel the sorrow
Everywhere, Everywhere I find you
Track Name: Gorilla
When I was child I used to see
All the cartoons that I knew
When I was a little sinner I saw
All the cartoons that I could
But Can’t you see
I didn’t see
All the cartoons that I wanted to
Magilla Gorilla
Magilla Gorilla
I’ve gotta make for the lost time
I’m ready to be, ready to be a child
I can remember myself in front of the TV Show
Waiting to see my favorite role
Acrobatic woman makes me horny
See under my clothes
Track Name: Troublemaker
In winter time I was about to fix it
December comes I was ready to be the one
She wore a red T-shirt and I was going to feel her skin
Deep inside me
Cause she is my…
Every time she is all I have
Now tell me what I’m going to do.
Tell me how it can be true
She is my troublemaker
What’s on your mind?
I drown on my own sweat
I can’t stand the pace
I can’t stop thinking about her
With that disguise nobody will recognize you
It can be true! Yeah!
Because she is my troublemaker.
Track Name: Hill County Breakdown
I really love driving my van
It makes me feel like a man
Taking the way to work or the path to not work anymore
Follow the track of hill county bones
Tasting the way of mister Kimbrough
You Know I love Tony Joe White
I wish had played by his side
Please turn on the radio
Till next stop
I’ll woke up early to get home
Hot the engine to say so long
Driving to my hometown or to the place I used to call home.
2nd part
You make my dreams come true
Playing “Wah Wah” it sounds good
“As the crows flies baby …”
Track Name: A Life, A Lie
My life, My Life is a fucking Lie (2)
My life, My life can’t wait no longer because sometimes I wonder
Why I can be stronger
My Life, My Life is a fucking lie
This Life, this life shows me the dark side (2)
This Life, This Life can’t wait longer
Sometimes I wonder
Why I can be stronger
This Life, This Life shows me the dark side
Saying what you think you’ll get yourself killed (2)
Saying what you think you can live no longer
Because sometimes I wonder
Why I Can be stronger
Saying what you think you’ll get yourself killed.